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If you want to take the nutritional aspect of your pet seriously, you will consider Ziwi Peak dog food products. This is a New Zealand-based pet food brand that follows its nutritional philosophy religiously. The brand understands that the quality of the dog food is very important for the vitality and overall long-term health of your pet, which is the reason it makes use of human-grade ingredients for its moist and air-dried dog food.

You will see that each one of the recipes made by Ziwi Peak contains up to 95% meat, alongside supplements, vegetables, fruits, bone, organs, and seafood. These products are free from common allergens like cheap fillers. All the meat come from free-range and grass-fed animals that are free from hormones and antibiotics.

 Best Ziwipeak Dog Food

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Ziwipeak Dog Food


Ziwi Peak: An overview

Ziwi Peak is a family-owned brand that does not outsource the manufacture or production of its recipes. It was founded by Peter and Kimberly Mitchell, who were trying to create a 100% natural diet for pets without the need for unnecessary preservatives and fillers. After several attempts, Mitchell managed to create air-dried food that they called a raw-alternative from other raw category products as it does not have to be thawed before serving or freezing.

The company is becoming one of the cleanest and safest places to manufacture pet food products and sources its ingredients locally. Attention to detail is followed during the formulation of its recipes.

What are some of the most common ingredients used in Ziwi Peak dog food products?

Some of the most common ingredients used by the brand in its products are lamb, lamb tripe, lamb heart, lamb liver, green mussel, dried kelp, parsley, sea sail, Vitamins like D3, B1, E, etc., mixed tocopherols, and minerals like zinc amino acid, copper amino acid complex, etc.


From where are the ingredients sourced for Ziwi Peak dog food products?

The brand is very open about the fact that most of the ingredients are sourced from New Zealand itself. All the seafood and meats come from pristine oceans and the clean pastures of New Zealand. The meat used by Ziwi Peak is free from antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs and are all human-grade.

Additionally, the ingredients come from the best facilities and meet several local and international standards for quality and safety. In short, it is quite safe to say that the brand makes use of the finest ingredients and adhere to the strictest standards for safety and quality of the products.


What are some of the best dog foods Ziwi Peak has to offer?

Ziwi Peak is known for making use of unique baking techniques to create kibble found in most dog foods, rather than the traditional methods. The brand often makes use of air drying techniques, which allows getting the maximum amount of meat in each bag. This technique allows retention of 98% of bone, organs, and meat, which includes 7% species-specific tripe for digestive and palatability benefits and 3% New Zealand Green Mussel for natural chondroitin and glucosamine.

Some of the best products offered by Ziwi Peak dog food are:

Mackerel and Lamb

This recipe has been designed for all life stages and breeds. It makes use of protein sources that have been raised on the farms of New Zealand and caught wild off the coast. This meal is a great source of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

The recipe is also free of soy, wheat or corn, and is an excellent alternative if you are looking for an alternative for dogs with food sensitivities. The product also refrains from making use of any by-product or fillers and is infused with a range of beneficial minerals and vitamins for a complete and nutritious meal.


This recipe makes use of grass-fed and free-range deer that are raised in the local farms of New Zealand. This blend is an alternative to the more traditional protein sources in the dog food market today. This product will reduce the symptoms of IBD and IBS that many dogs suffer from.

Addition of kelp elevates the level of minerals and vitamins in this dog food and is finished with a bit of New Zealand’s famous Green Mussel, which is a natural source of chondroitin and glucosamine; these nutrients are important for keeping the joints healthy.


Grass-fed, antibiotic-free and free-range beef is the first ingredient of this recipe by Ziwi Peak. Also, this product is fortified by mussels and kelp like the other Ziwi Peak products. Packed with minerals and vitamin, this product will provide the proper nourishment needed by active and growing dogs. This recipe is recommended especially for dogs with sensitivities towards certain meat, like poultry.


The land of New Zealand is famous for its lamb, hence it makes sense that Ziwi Peak dog food products make use of the lamb formula as well. Only grass-fed, free-range, and locally bred lambs are used. Since it is a single protein, this is a great choice for dogs with food sensitivities. Another added benefit is that this recipe will improve the coat health and skin condition of your pooch, keeping it feeling and looking a lot better.

Lamb and tripe

This recipe is a combination of lamb meat and tripe. Tripe is an unusual protein for most people and comes from lamb as well; it is kept in the most natural form and is never bleached, steamed for scalded. It is also filled with probiotics, enzymes, and minerals and will provide the best health benefit to your dog. Similar to the venison recipe, this product alleviates the symptoms of IBD and IBS and is a great choice for dogs that are picky and do not like to eat traditional proteins.

The dog food products offered by Ziwi Peak are convenient alternatives for those who want to feed their dogs something raw, but simply do not have the time. It is above the average kibble. While it might be a bit on the expensive side, it is worthwhile to notice that only the best ingredients are used in these dog food products. Ziwi Peak products are highly recommended for active dogs.

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