Best Pill Pockets in 2023 – Top Products Rated

How often have you faced problems with making your dog take that bitter medicine that it hates? We know that it can be quite a struggle and can be a time taking affair too. So, we have a solution for you that will fix all those worries. You might or might not have heard about pill pockets but they can be life changing for you and your pet. Let us explore more about pill pockets in this article.

 Best Pill Pockets

#1 ACuteADay - Pill Pouches for Dogs, Chicken Flavor - Easy to Form & Conceal Pet Medicine Treats, Pills, Medicatio
  • Pill Pouches For Dogs - These pill wraps for dogs are perfect for masking the taste and smell of medications with a flavorful wrap to mold around the pill, supplement or powder which dogs love!
  • Easy To Use - Easy to mold mess-free, so you can wrap your pet's medication of any size easily and quickly, and feed your dog a treat they love without exposing the medication.
  • Making Pills into a Tasty Treat - Watch your dog jump for joy when you bring out this tasty and irresistible treat - your pet won't even know it is a pill concealer. You can even use by itself as a training reward or a yummy treat!
  • Natural Ingredients - With only natural ingredients sourced only from North America, this pill pouch is healthy for your dog so you can give it with confidence that it is not only tasty but good for your dog.
  • Vet-Virtue Quality Products - We stand behind our products and promise that you and your dog will love them or we will take them back no questions asked. This pill wrap is perfect for picky dogs who are hesitant to take their medications.
#2 ACuteADay - Pill Buddy Naturals, Peanut Butter & Honey Recipe for Dogs, 1 Pack, 30-Count
  • DOG TREATS: Pill Buddy Naturals is made in Canada and free of corn, wheat, and soy.
  • GRILLED DUCK RECIPE: The second ingredient of our all-natural dog food recipe is real duck!
  • EASY PILL DELIVERY: A tasty way to give your best friend medicine. Hide a pill in the chewy treat.
  • PUSH, SQUEEZE, AND FEED: Pill Buddy makes feeding medicine easy. Most any pill or capsule will fit.
  • ALWAYS FRESH: Wrapped in pairs to preserve freshness, functionality, and prevent drying or cracking.
#3 ACuteADay - Canine Tricky Treats Grilled Duck, 30ct
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 5.5 Inches
  • The Package Width Of The Product Is 2.5 Inches
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 9.0 Inches
#4 ACuteADay - Medi-Crunch Pill Pouches for Dogs with Peanut Butter Fill, Crunchy Ice Cream Cone Dog Pill Treats Ca
  • CRUNCHY SHELL DISGUISES TEXTURE OF MEDS. Dogs don’t realize they’re taking medication as they bite into the crunchy shell of this pill dispenser for dogs. The crunchy shell disguises as dog pill treats, taking the stress and anxiety away during medicine, supplements, dental med time and more.
  • NO MESS, NO STRESS! Crunchy shell less sticky than pill wraps and paste for dogs. No need to get messy, stinky, sticky hands and fingers. Pop pill in the pocket and serve as a treat. Fun, clean, easy!
  • HIDES SMELL OF MEDS, IRRESISTABLE REAL PEANUT BUTTER. Made with real peanut butter without artificial ingredients, it masks as delicious pill treats for dogs. Dog pill shooter and poppers makes your dog run away...Medi-Crunch makes your dog run to you!
  • PUSH PILL INTO SOFT, REAL PEANUT BUTTER FILLING. Just press your dog’s pill capsule or tablet into the creamy peanut butter filling and feed to your pet. Pill treats for dogs have a taste pets love. No more fights!
  • VET RECOMMENDED. LOW CALORIE, LOW-FAT. Vets recommend this pet piller as it helps pups and adults take their medicine. Both low calorie and low fat, it can be served daily.
#5 ACuteADay - VetIQ Pill Treats Soft Chews for Dogs, Chicken Flavored 30 ea (Pack of 3)
  • your pet will love the taste of these treats without noticing their medicine tucked inside! each pill treat is designed with a built-in tube perfect for inserting a tablet or capsule. the chewable treats are flavored and sized for dogs. an easy way to administer your dog's medicine hickory smoked bacon flavored soft chews made in the usa
#6 ACuteADay - Riley's Pill Wrap for Dogs with Probiotics - Delicious Bacon Flavored Pill Paste for Dogs - Wrap Pil
  • Super Tasty Bacon Dog Pill Treats. Takes the stress out of feeding your pet their medication by disguising any pill, capsule, tablet, powder, or supplement into into a treat.
  • Packed with Stable Probiotics to help maintain their proper gut flora and immune balance which can be disrupted by certain medications.
  • They'll beg you for their daily treat. Create the perfect pill pouch or pocket for your dogs medication.
  • No more need for hard to administer pet pill poppers, pill guns for dogs, or pet dispensers.
  • Manufactured in the USA with 100% Pure Love.
#7 ACuteADay - Milk - Bone Variety Pill Pouches with Real Chicken & Hickory Smoke Bacon Flavor – Each Pack 6 oz/A
  • Made with real chicken
  • No artificial flavors or by-products or meal
  • Fits most capsules and pills
  • Convenient resalable pouch
  • Made in the USA
#8 ACuteADay - giv soft butter Dog Peanut Butter - Dog Treats - Dog Food for Pill Pockets for Dogs and Lick mat for
  • Our 100% all natural ingredient giv soft butter dog treat nut butters can be used with a dog lick mat, as a dog pill pocket or as puppy food, puppy treats, and puppy training treats
  • These are dog treats made in USA only and our recipe of roasted peanuts blended with honey is a nutrient dense food for your dog with only two ingredients, just peanut butter and honey
  • Our vision was to create food you can share with your dog, because we believe if you shouldn't eat it, your dog shouldn't either. Our butters are a grain free dog food and nutritious training treats.
  • Our giv soft butter peanut butter dog treats are human peanut butter made for healthy dog treats and contains no hydrogenated oils, stabilizers, palm oil, salt, high fructose corn syrup or xylitol.
  • Dog treats small dogs, dog treats for medium dogs that can be used as training treats for dogs, spread on fruit, used to hide the taste of medicine or for use on a lick mat to keep your dog distracted during grooming.
#9 ACuteADay - BUDDY BUDDER Bark Bistro Company, Begging Bacon, 100% Natural Dog Peanut Butter, Healthy Peanut Butt
  • ✔️ HEALTHY DOG TREAT - if you wouldn't eat its why would you feed it to your dog, aka your furry family member? That's why we made an all natural peanut butter for dogs that's fit for human consumption. It two simple ingredients peanuts and honey. Theres no high fructose corn syrup, stabilizers, xylitol, artificial sugar, or salts.
  • ✔️ REFRIGERATE - our peanut butter is all natural free of harmful ingredients and stabilizers. Refrigerating your buddy budder will allow it to thicken so its easier to stuff inside of dog enrichment toys and to use as a pill pocket.
  • ✔️ FOR ALL DOGS - puppies, adult, large and small breeds can enjoy BUDDY BUDDER. It's an all natural product, just use pup parent discretion when feeding and introducing a new treat some dogs have more sensitive tummies than others.
  • ✔️ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - Our dog peanut butters were designed with your pets health in mind so that you the pet parent could feel at ease feeding them a healthy dog treat. The buddy budder can be enjoyed from a spoon, lick mat, bake treats, make frozen treats with silicone molds, and/ or used as pill pocket to hide the taste of yucky medicine. The possibilities are endless for dog treats.
  • ✔️ MADE IN USA - our products ingredients are high quality reginonally sourced ingredients chosen and manufactured by us in our facility. We take pride in manufacturing our own treats so that we can continue to deliver a quality product.
#10 ACuteADay - VETRISCIENCE Pinchers Pill Hiding Dog Treats with Probiotics - Wrap Pills, Capsules and Tablets - Ma
  • EASY TO GIVE AND EASY TO TAKE: Designed to be easy to hide a pill from your dog without excessive shaping and won't leave you with greasy hands.
  • FITS MOST PILLS: The compact design creates a snug fit so it can be easily swallowed without exposing the medication to your dog.
  • DELICIOUS FLAVOR: Made with organic peanut butter that masks the scent and taste of medication in a tasty treat that dogs love.
  • NORMAL RECOVERY: Features vet-recommended probiotics that promote digestive and immune health to help your dog feel better faster.
  • HEALTHY TREATS: Contains natural ingredients with fewer calories than most people foods and comparable pill hiders.

Pill Pockets

What are pill pockets?

Pill pockets are like treats of different flavors which come with a pocket built inside it. You can take the pill and place it inside the pocket to hide it. The pill pockets are made from natural ingredients that are great in taste so that the dog does not create fuss while having the medicine. It is a much better way to give medication to your dog. Plus, there is not rocket science technology about it. It is quite convenient to use and to understand.


Why to use pill pockets?

There are so many reasons for which you should buy pill pockets and hardly any downsides. To start with, they are great to ease the whole process of administering medicine to your dog. Besides that, the treat is also full of nutrition and great to taste. From chicken flavor to peanut butter, pill pockets now comes in delectable flavors that dogs absolutely love. They are also great to be carried along with you when you are travelling and giving medicine to your dog, then is a hassle-free task.

If your dog has some allergy then there are pill pockets that are absolutely free of any allergy causing substances. So, you will have pea and duck flavored pill pockets that your pet can have. The medicine prescribed for your dog might be in the form of tablets or capsules. Pill pockets are made keeping in mind this fact so that you can place both capsules and tablets inside them.


How to use pill pockets?

Using pill pockets is easy for anyone if they know the right steps. Here are some tips which will let you use it without much effort:


  1. Take the pill pocket and chop off the amount you need to put the dosage of medicine inside. This will be used to place inside so make sure that you have taken a generous sized pill pocket. Also, it should not be too huge otherwise your dog might have difficulty in gulping it down.
  2. Make a hole inside the pill pocket if it does not have an inbuilt one. You can use a chopstick to make the hole so that it is wide enough to let you push the medicine inside.
  3. Pull out the chopstick smoothly and gently so as not to break the pill pocket. After you have taken it out, place the medicine in the same hole and make sure it does not stick outside.
  4. Now all you need to do is to give the treat to your pet that will be more than happy to gulp it down in one go and may be even want more.


There you go! It is as easy as that. Just a few steps and that medicine that your dog hated since forever, is eaten so lovingly by your pet without any mess. On the other hand, if you buy a readymade pill pocket, that is even better.

For a fool-proof plan, a great trick while using pill pockets is to not touch the outer area of the pocket after you have touched the medicine. We all know that dogs have great smelling abilities. They will instantly identify the smell of the medicine on the pill pocket and might refuse to eat it. It is always better to place the pill inside wearing gloves or to ask someone else to touch the pill pocket and give it to your dog. Remember to store pill pockets at normal room temperature for them to be durable.


How to choose the right pill pocket?

With the huge industry that pet care has, it can be quite baffling when you want to zero down on one single product. This is why you should know the right parameters by which you can judge the quality of a pill pocket. The health of your pet cannot be jeopardized at any cost and pill pockets are very important in this regard since you are technically feeding medicines inside them.

Remember to check the ratings and the reliability of the brand you are buying pill pockets from. If your pet suffers from allergies of any kind, then you should go for pill pockets that have allergy formulas. This will make sure that your pet does not get into trouble while you give medicine to it. That will just be the worst thing ever.

We suggest that you buy pockets that are readymade than buying the ones that you have to slice and make a hole inside for the tablet. The medicine fits perfectly inside the pocket in the former case. If your pet has a problem with weight gain or is obese, then go for pill pockets that have skimmed milk in its ingredients. This decreases the chances of your pet gaining more weight because of something you are using for the benefit of your pet.


Are the pill pockets for dogs and cats different?

Pill pockets, be it for dogs or cats, are more or less the same. However, a few pills have lactose in them which might not suit cats that are lactose intolerant. This is why we always advise pet owners to choose pill pockets that have been prescribed by a good vet. Your pet’s vet will know the nitty-gritties of your pet’s health and they will be able to prescribe pill pockets that will do no harm.

If you are having difficulty in make your fussy pet take a medicine, then pill pockets are your one and only answer. Buy the best ones today and your life will get so much easier!

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