If you want to know the importance of toys in your dog’s life, you just need to remember that the intelligence of adult dogs can be as close to a two-year-old human baby. Toys are required by them so that they can focus their attention on to it, and improve mental and physical skills as well. Treats and toys are a perfect solution for dogs that quickly get bored and always looking for something to dig or chew on.

Constant digging and chewing are some common signs of a bored dog. Just like humans, dogs need something to do (exercise, physical activity, sports, etc.); if nothing else, they will just do something that we consider as destructive behaviors.

Great reasons why you should always get toys for your pooch

Promoting healthy gums and teeth

Apart from keeping your pooch busy, chew dog toys also offer a range of health benefits. One of them is keeping your pet’s teeth and gums in top conditions. Additionally, you can also purchase specialized chew toys that will help your pooch to clean its teeth. Dental knot ropes are the most perfect example in this category. Apart from healthy teeth and gums, your dog will also have less plaque buildup and fresher breath.

Providing physical exercise

As most of us already know, a prime physical condition can only be maintained if your dog exercises daily. Of course, you might be taking your pooch out for morning or evening walks in the backyard, but your pet will probably need a lot more than just a walk, especially in the case of a busy pet owner. This is where dog toys can help get rid of the problem. By playing with its toy, your dog will be able to maintain all parts of its body.

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Alleviating boredom

There is nothing harder than dealing with an anxious, fidgety, and bored pet. Of course, if you were to be penned all day long without any stimulation, you would end up in the same way. Dogs need to engage in activities that are exciting and fun. If you are a busy pet owner, it might not be possible to play with your pooch all the time. In these cases, dog toys will keep them occupied; additionally, your pooch will work out all that nervousness, making them easier to handle and a lot happier.

Providing companionship

Dog ancestors were pack animals; this instinct can be seen in dogs today as well. Hence, they tend to get lonely when there is no one around. Similar to a child that imagines its doll as a companion, a toy can become your pooch’s beloved. They will start caring for their toys and will take them everywhere as if it were its puppy. In cases like these, you can purchase either plush toys or durable ones.

With the help of the right dog toy, your pooch will remain healthy and happy. It will be able to cope up with the times when you are not present. Your pooch will also get its daily dose of mental and physical activity it needs. Make sure that you purchase toys that are made of safe and robust materials.