How often you should wash your canine friend depends on various factors like your dog’s size, breed, coat type, and activities. A dog that is frequently outdoors may require more regular baths. Meanwhile, indoor dogs require a bath only after a few months. Needless to say, baths could be frightening for dogs. With a little preparation and knowledge, you could make bathing a great experience for your canine friend. So, let’s begin with an exciting bathing process!

Prepare your dog

If you own a small dog, a kitchen or laundry sink could work for bathing your pet. For bigger dogs, go with bathtubs or showers. Before you give a dog bath, brush his fur thoroughly. This is important if you have a dog with a shaggy, thick, and double coat. It is also recommended to trim the nails of your dog before you bathe him.

Before you begin the dog-bathing process, keep all the things you need handy. Here, you will require cotton balls, sponge or washcloth, treats, dog shampoo, and towels. Use a vessel or bucket if you do not a detachable showerhead or hose. Put the cotton balls in the ears of your dog. Lastly, remove the collar from your dog’s neck.

Bath your dog

Now, it is time to get the water temperature right. It should not be too cold and too hot. The water needs to be warm. Pour water on the body of your dog. Once your dog is wet, it is time to apply the dog shampoo. If the coat is not thick much, pour some dog shampoo over his body. To lather up, use your hands. Avoid shampooing on your dog’s face and head.

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To clean the face of your dog, employ a moist washcloth to wipe off the dirt. Do not clean his ears from inside with the washcloth. Now, rinse the dog thoroughly. If you do not rinse the water off clearly, it could cause pH imbalance and skin irritation.

With the help of a towel, completely dry your dog. For this, lay it over the dog’s back and begin to pat dry him. In case, you have a dog with a shaggy or long fur, comb him to avoid tangling in the future. Lastly, you have to offer a treat to your dog for his good behavior. In this way, your dog will get the point that bathing is not bad but quite good that involves praise and treats.

Once carried out the bathing procedure positively, you should clean your dog’s ears. For this, use a cotton ball. No matter how your dog responds to bathing, avoid washing your dog frequently. When it comes to shampoos, go for a mild shampoo with neutral pH value.

So, it is not a difficult task to bathe one’s dog. All you need to do is to accustom them by offering a treat. Now, think about bathing your dog with a positive attitude and some treats at hand. So, keep your dog clean by bathing them!