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Evo dog food has been described as the kind of pet food that will make your dog howl out of joy! Evo pet food is one of the companies that is owned by Natura Pet and is known to manufacture dog food that is grain-free, high in protein and low on the carb. Your dog will also gain omega fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6, as well as other vitamins and minerals. Evo is one of those dog foods that contain high protein content (42%).

While the brand might be on the expensive side, pets will require smaller portions, maybe because the food is so rich in protein and nutrients. The pet food is filled with natural flavor, without wheat, corn, and other nasty artificial flavors.


Best Evo Dog Foods

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Evo dog food

History of the company

Evo Dog Food’s parent company, Natura Pet, started its operation in 1992 when Peter Atkin, Ann Rademaker, and John Rademaker got together in Santa Clara, California. The three decided that they wanted to develop the ‘healthiest pet food in the world’. The founders consulted nutritionists, breeders, and veterinarians and made use of top-quality ingredients like USDA-inspected dairy products, vegetables, chicken, lamb and turkey for their pet formulas.

Product overview

All the products under the banner of Evo are grain-free, low carbohydrate and high-protein foods. They are marketed as an ancestral diet that can meet the nutrition requirement for your dog. The brand has targeted people who want to feed their dogs with a high-protein diet. It is said that Evo is the first company that started making use of an ancestral diet that is low on carbohydrates and free of grains.

Ingredients used in Evo Dog food

The top ingredients that are used in Evo dog food are:


Beef is the type of meat that contains the most amount of moisture. It is easily digestible and contains a lot of beneficial nutrients required by dogs. It is a great source of animal protein and rich in essential amino acids, iron, and zinc.

Pork Meal

Any type of meat meal is different from fresh meat, as the former is cooked down to a moisture level of 10%. This means that meat meals are a better source of highly concentrated protein. Additionally, pork is itself rich in magnesium, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B-6.

Salmon Meal

Similar to pork meal, the salmon meal contains a high concentration of animal protein. It is also rich in fatty acids that help in the maintenance of your dog’s fur coat and skin.

Tapioca Starch

This ingredient is quite a common source of carbohydrate that is free of gluten. It comes from the roots of the cassava plant. It can be digested very easily by dogs.


On average, peas contain about 23%-27% of protein content, which depends entirely on the species of the pea. They are also rich in dietary fibers like manganese, thiamin, Vitamin K, and Vitamin C. Some other nutrients include copper, phosphorous, folate, Vitamin B6, niacin, and Vitamin A.

Some other additional ingredients used in making Evo dog food products are various sources of proteins like venison, lamb and bison, cottage cheese, alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes, apples, menhaden oil, sunflower oil, and beef fat. As said above, there are no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors, or artificial flavors used. Also, fish meals that have been conserved or sealed with ethoxyquin are not used.

What are some Evo Dog food products?

Two of the best Evo dog food products are:

Evo Herring and Salmon Formula Adult (Dry food)

This is one of the best dry dog foods by Evo. This particular product has been inspired by nature, free of potatoes, gluten, and grain, and made with only premium animal protein. It contains 22% fresh vegetables and fruits and 78% high-grade animal ingredients like eggs, salmon, herring, etc.

With this dog food, you will be able to maintain your dog’s total wellness and health and conditioned and lean body via quality nutrition. The formula consists of chondroitin and glucosamine for joint support as well as omega-3 fatty acids for healthy fur coat and skin. If you are looking for raw food with the benefits of raw ingredients, then this is an excellent alternative.

The first ingredient used in this dog food is fresh herring. Next, you will find fresh salmon and eggs, menhaden meal, and salmon meal. The protein-rich meat sources are very digestible as well. The main source of carbohydrates is tapioca peas and starch.

Evo 95 Chicken and Turkey Recipe in Gravy Canned Food (Wet food)

This wet food is described as the evolved ancestral diet; this means that it is based on the evolutionary diet of wild dogs, but filled with a lot of different modern nutrition. This dog food product contains about 95% of animal protein, with fresh chicken as its main ingredient.

A lot of different fresh meat products are used to make this dog food, which will give your dog the daily dose of protein it needs to maintain a conditioned body. The ingredients are highly digestible and 100% balanced and complete for adult dogs. It is a great alternative for raw food because of its easy-feeding process and long shelf-life.

Because this food product contains about 70% moisture by volume, the fresh meat ingredients do not lose out on volume during cooking. The recipe also contains fresh chicken and turkey lover. Fish oil is also used like menhaden oil or salmon oil.

A lot of animal experts and pet owners are happy with Evo Dog Food products. It is a great choice to feed your dog if you are looking for something that is rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. Each recipe begins with premium-quality protein and is supplemented with healthy animal fats and digestible carbohydrates.

The brand does not make use of any shortcuts when it comes to the ingredients or safety of the manufacturing processes. While the product range is quite limited, you can ensure that only the best ingredients are used in them. The recipes are nutritious, protein-rich, and full of flavors, which your dog will definitely love!


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