Dog Anxiety

Do you know that dogs suffer from anxiety as well? If you have heard enough about the problems that dogs face, then you will be aware of this fact. Now, the ways in which you can figure out if your dog is suffering from anxiety are many. Reading this article will help you get your head around such facts and assist you in making things better for your pet.

Β Best Dog Anxiety

#1 ACuteADay - Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment - Gray (Extra Small)
  • ThunderShirt is already used by millions of dogs and customers have said it helped their dogs anxiety in over 85% of cases*
  • Can help with thunder, fireworks, separation anxiety, travel, general anxiety and vet visits*
  • Vet recommended and easy to use; ThunderShirt is safe and drug-free*
  • The patented ThunderShirt design applies gentle, constant pressure, like a hug, which may calm anxiety, fear, and over excitement due to a variety of environmental triggers
  • We stand behind ThunderShirt. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return within the Amazon return window for a refund of your purchase price
  • English (Publication Language)
#2 ACuteADay - PREMIUM CARE Hemp Calming Chews for Dogs, Made in USA - Helps with Dog Anxiety, Separation, Barking,
  • βœ… π‹πŽπ–π„π‘π’ π€ππ—πˆπ„π“π˜ 𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐒𝐒 - Our calming treats help your dog cope with external stresses, enhances brain function and has a calming, relaxing effect for dogs exhibiting nervousness, hyperactivity, discontentment or responding negatively to environmentally-induced stress.
  • βœ… πŒπ€πƒπ„ 𝐈𝐍 𝐔𝐒𝐀 - Our tasty duck flavored soft chews are safe for your dog, made in the USA in a cGMP compliant facility and promote a sense of relaxation without drowsiness by using natural ingredients like organic passion flower, organic ginger root plus chamomile, valerian root, and l-tryptophan.
  • βœ… ππ‘πŽπŒπŽπ“π„π’ 𝐀 π‚π€π‹πŒπˆππ† 𝐄𝐅𝐅𝐄𝐂𝐓 𝐀𝐍𝐃 π–π„π‹π‹ππ„πˆππ† - Our treats have a calming effect on your dog's nerves and are great for keeping your dog from responding negatively to environmentally-induced situations and may help curb destructive behavior and coping with external stresses brought on by loud noises, vet or grooming visits, moving, travel that may cause temporary anxiousness.
  • βœ… 𝐇𝐄𝐋𝐏𝐒 πŒπ€πˆππ“π€πˆπ 𝐀 ππŽπ‘πŒπ€π‹ π„πŒπŽπ“πˆπŽππ€π‹ 𝐁𝐀𝐋𝐀𝐍𝐂𝐄 𝐀𝐍𝐃 πƒπˆπ’ππŽπ’πˆπ“πˆπŽπ - Our all-natural calming formula also promotes relaxation with Organic Passion Flower to support normal emotional balance, L-Tryptophan may reduce hyperactivity and promote relaxation and Valerian Root for behavioral problem management and provides help for restless dogs.
  • βœ… π‘πˆπ’πŠ-𝐅𝐑𝐄𝐄 𝐆𝐔𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐄 - Try our calming chews for 30 days, if you do not see a difference in your dog, simply return them for a 100% no-hassle refund.
#3 ACuteADay - Yumlas 4 Pack Calming Collar for Dogs, Dog Anxiety Relief with 100% Natural Lavender & Chamomile, 25
  • THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION FOR CALMING YOUR DOG! Forget other single-ingredient calming collars on the market! Our dog calming collar harnesses the power of natural ingredients from the innovative blend of lavender, chamomile and dog pheromones, which can achieve better calming effects and make smell more gentle and pleasant! Just pop the collar around dog’s neck and it will activate within 30 minutes to dog's body heat!
  • COMFORTABLE FIT FOR ALL SIZES DOGS! Made from high-quality composite TPR material, our calming dog collars are much softer than the rigid TPE and PVC collars you get from others, which promises the safety and comfort in the long-term wear. With the total length of 25 inches and the adjustable buckle, our dog collar can fit all size dogs from tiny teacups to majestic Alaskas. Let tranquility become a part of your dog's daily life with our snug-fitting calming collar!
  • UP TO 240 DAYS! KEEP THE ANXIETY AWAY! The package includes 4 pieces of collars, each of which has a lasting effect for 60 days, adding up to 240 days for total service life. Featuring the unique gradual penetration technology, our calming collars ensure the effective and gradual release of vital oils that provides the optimal long-term calming effects for dogs and help them adapt to daily and sudden stressful situations, such as vet visit, thunder, fireworks, travel, and separation anxiety.
  • WORRYFREE FUN FOR YOUR FURRY FRIENDS! The pheromone calming collars are made of waterproof material, which ensures that the dog anxiety relief collars do not reduce calming effect after getting wet, so you don't have to remove the calming dog collar when the dog is bathing or swimming. Additionally, the adjustable buckle the calming collar for dogs includes four bumps that enhance stability and prevent accidental dropping during playtime.
  • HASSLE-FREE RETURN AND EXCHANGE! Our top priorities are ensuring customer satisfaction and the safety of your beloved pet. Each collar undergoes strict testing to meet high standards of effectiveness and safety. Each collar is backed with the 60-day after sale servce and we promise the hassle-free replacement or refund without the need to RETURN if you are unsatisfied with the effects of collars! Keep in mind that a calmer dog leads to a happier home. Order your Yumlas dog calming collar today!
#4 ACuteADay - TriOak Dog Calming Pheromone Diffuser, 2 in 1 Dog Pheromones Calming Diffuser Starter Kit (Diffuser
  • πŸ”΄SAFE MADEπŸ”΄: Made with natural ingredients, safe and drug-free solution that helps calm and relax your dog at home using natural nursing pheromones.
  • πŸ”΄COVERS 700 SFπŸ”΄: TriOak dog calming starter kit covers up to 700 SF. Make sure to plug in your dog's pheromone diffuser with the vents up. For best results, position the dog calming diffuser where your dogs spend the most time. Avoid plugging the dog anxiety relief diffuser under shelves, behind doors, curtains, or furniture.
  • πŸ”΄REDUCE STRESSπŸ”΄: TriOak dog pheromone diffuser helps reduce common signs of stress like pacing, panting, barking caused by visitors, loud noises, fears, alone at home, tension and conflicts between dogs reactions to changes, etc. Pheromone diffuser to calm dogs.
  • πŸ”΄IN 2 WEEKSπŸ”΄: Our dog anxiety relief pheromones deliver a strong signal of safe and comfort to calm down your dogs. After using our dog calming diffuser kit, about 90% of user notice improvement within two weeks.
  • πŸ”΄2 IN 1πŸ”΄: TriOak dog stress relief kit includes a dog calming diffuser head and a 48ml dog calming vial for 30 days use. To maximize effectiveness, replace the calming dog refill once a month and the dog pheromone diffuser head every six months. Dog relaxer for anxiety, pheromone diffuser to calm dogs.
#5 ACuteADay - Moropaky Hearbeat Toy for Dog Anxiety Relief Behavioral Training Aid Toy, Grey
  • Separation Anxiety Relief: The heartbeat toys with heartbeat which is a simulation of the true pulsing heartbeat enables the puppy to feel the heartbeat, thereby reducing their anxiety and get used to the new home or tough time as soon as possible.
  • Create Training Tool & Sleep Training Toy : Heartbeat dog toy simulates an environment that the puppy are not alone and one of their 'mates' are there with them. With the company of the Heartbeat Stuffed Animal Toy , the dog can adapt to the kennel as soon as possible, and can have a better sleep.
  • Comfort Your Fur Baby: The heartbeat toy provides the best companionship and comfort to the dog during the night, during the journey, during thunder and lightning, and effectively reduces the anxiety and fear of the dog.
  • Plush Toy + Heartbeat Simulator: The product contain a plush dog toy and a real heartbeat simulator that need 2 AAA batteries but not included. The plush dog toys is made from comfortable, skin-friendly fabrics, and it can be machine washable with the heart removed. The heartbeat will shut down automatically after running for 8 HOURS.
  • A Natural Solution for anxiety: We adopt a natural way to accompany and comfort your pet, it is the most safe for your four-legged baby.
#6 ACuteADay - Solid Gold Calming Chews for Dogs - Soothing Snacks for Stress & Dog Anxiety Relief w/Melatonin & Va
  • Premium Canine Calming Support - Solid Gold Keep Calm & Wag On is a soft chew calming supplement that may help support dogs with everyday stress, plus nervous and hyperactive behavior.
  • The Best for Everyday Stress - Whether it's fireworks, car rides or travel, separation, dog parks, or a thunderstorm, these pet chewables promote composure for any small, medium, or large sized dog.
  • Melatonin for Dogs & More! - These chewable supplements include a proprietary blend of Melatonin, Chamomile, Valerian Root, L-Theanine, Ashwagandha, and L-Tryptophan to help dogs relax.
  • Featuring NutrientBoost - Connect your dog to their natural roots with NutrientBoost for nutrients, plasma, amino acids, and protein to boost nutrient absorption and support the gut and immune system.
  • Craveable Flavor & Golden Benefits - Your dog will love the NutrientBoost support and smoked bacon flavor while getting calming support from Chamomile, Valerian Root, and L-Tryptophan.
#7 ACuteADay - Hemp Calming Chews for Dogs with Anxiety and Stress - Dog Calming Treats - Dog Anxiety Relief - Stor
  • Relieves Stress & Anxiety - Our Dog Calming Treats will keep your furry friend calm and composed during stressful situations, such as visits to the vet, long road trips, or being left alone at home
  • Natural Calming Aid - Is your dog showing signs of pain and discomfort while moving about? Our natural Calming Treats for dogs will provide quick and lasting relief from sore, painful and aching joints
  • No Side Effects - Our Dog Calming chews only delivers a gentle sedative effect and does not contain any artificial chemicals that can cause unwanted side effects
  • Amazing Taste - Is your furry pal a picky eater? these duck-flavored Chewy Calming Treats will tickle your dog's taste buds every time, so there's no need to force your pet to swallow pills anymore
  • Ideal for All Dog Breeds & Sizes - Whether you are proud parent of a tiny chihuahua or a large german shepherd, Our Calming Treats will keep your pet relaxed and behaved during stressful times.
#8 ACuteADay - MateeyLife Licking Mat for Dogs and Cats, Premium Lick Mats with Suction Cups for Dog Anxiety Relief
  • SLOW FEEDING AND IMPROVES DIGESTION - Licking mat is a unique form of pet slow feeder dog bowl for dog, puppy, cat and kitten. This lick mats has different textures which design effectively reduces the speed of a pet’s eating and prolongs mealtime, thereby cleaning the pet's tongue and promoting healthier teeth, which provide dental care and improves health digestion effectively.
  • REDUCES ANXIETY & DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR - It is a cat lick mat that helps calm and soothes your pet by helping release endorphins through the promotion of licking. It is a boredom buster for dogs and cats to suppress destructive behavior,keep them busy and relieve separation anxiety. It is also an ideal anxiety reliever for grooming, bathing, nail trimming, training, and medical treatment or vet visit.
  • PRACTICAL INNOVATIVE DESIGN - This feeding mat with 77 suction cups that you could stick on any smooth surface, such as bathtub, counter, glass, ceramic tile, and the wall of bathroom. Our 4-quadrant design helps guide portion control when spreading treat and wet food, such as Peanut Butter, Greek Yogurt, Cream Cheese. When spreading food, it is recommended to place a towel under the licking mat to avoid food splashing when picking up the licking mat.
  • FOOD-GRADE, FREEZER & DISHWASHER SAFE - Our pet lick pad is made from 100% BPA Free, Non-Toxic, Food Grade silicone. This pet mat is safe for the health of your beloved friend. It's also freezer safe, easy to clean, and top-rack dishwasher safe. You can try speading healthy treats on the frozen lick mat for dogs and freezing it in the refrigerator to extend the licking time.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We provide hassle-free service for our licking mat. ANY issues, please feel free to contact us. We will provide a FULL refund or replacement! Different dogs have different personalities and perceive things differently. Some dogs do indeed tear the lick pad, mistaking it for a chew toy. Please supervise your pet while using this slow feeder mat, this is NOT a chew toy.

Dog Anxiety

What is dog anxiety?

Anxiety in dogs happens from a feeling of being in danger due a possibility of threats. The sources of this can be multiple and the symptoms are also different. Dog anxiety cannot be cured in the span of a single night and you will most probably need to consult a veterinarian, at least to find out the cause of anxiety.


Reasons behind dog anxiety

A lot of people have the question whether dog anxiety can be identified at home itself. If you pay enough attention, then it actually might be possible. Being an owner, you will be able to tell the normal behavior of your pet from the abnormal one. And dogs being quite intelligent, also respond quickly to different situations. The change in their behavior will manifest itself through their actions, often because of anxiety.

One of the most common reasons is what is known by the name of separation anxiety in dogs. This kind of anxiety develops in your pet if it is scared of being left alone. This might have severe effects on the mental and physical health of your pet. This situation often happens more in case of puppies and senior dogs. They behave aggressively at times under anxiety and might urinate in the house. There also might be some instances that particularly trigger in form of anxiety in your dog.

Aging, extreme noisy situations like crackers bursting, other dogs, unknown people, particular objects, a change of place, going on a drive, specific surfaces, etc, can also cause anxiety in dogs. You might feel that these are a bit weird but do not ignore the fact that they can cause adverse effects on your pet.


How to combat dog anxiety?

The first way is to figure out the source of the anxiety in your pooch. As you can see, the causes can be various. We suggest that you seek expert advice. But, if you can be a bit observant and pick out the sources which trigger anxious behavior in your dog, then all is good.

The next step is to go for treatment. Now this can be done either through natural therapy or through medicines. Here are a few steps that come under natural remedies, which can help your dog to cope up with anxiety:



Yes, dogs listen to and appreciate good music too! A lot of owners play some soothing music or leave open the TV to make their dog feel safe. You can use the trial and error method to find out the kind of music that appeals to your dog. Playing music can also help your dog get rid of anxiety that is caused from noise pollution around the house.



Just like humans relieve their stress through work out, the same happens with dogs too. Any kind of frustration will come out through intense physical exercise and will help your pup to get rid of anxiety. Also, if your dog exercises with you, the bond will get stronger between you. This will help take away the fear of separation from your pet.



Who does not like a great massage to relieve themselves of their day to day workload? The same is in the case of pups. Studies show that certain kinds of massage techniques help to calm your dog and make them feel less anxious. There are a lot of online guides that will help you understand how to massage your dog. Or you can also ask for professional help.



Whenever you see that your dog is reacting wildly to a particular situation, you will know that your pet is getting an anxiety attack. The immediate solution is to calm them. This can be easily and quickly done by engaging actively with your pet because it trusts you and you can help your pooch to feel reassured.

You can begin with very simple instructions like sit up, walk, roll over, stand, etc. Keeping toys can be handy because then the whole attention of your pup will be focused on playing with the toys. You can also use dog treats to make your pup feel happy. Try training your dog with a reward game. For instance, if your dog is getting an anxiety attack, you try to train it to calm down. On calming down, you give a treat to your pooch. This will register the reward in its head and will help alleviate anxiety.


Medicinal remedies

If you want to take a medicinal course of action to combat dog anxiety, then you can try either the homeopathic or the allopathic ways. Homeopathy is more natural and uses plant extracts to treat dogs. However, do not forget that dogs have a lot of allergies to different substances. In the case of administering any kind of medicines to your dog, make sure you get your pet check at a vet so to avoid any further complications.

Buspirone, Amitriptyline, Clomicalm, and Alprazolam, etc are all very common medicines that are given to dogs. This does not mean we are giving you a prescription. Always consult a medical practitioner before you give any medicine to your pet. The dosage is also important which only a vet can tell you properly.

Anxiety in dogs can go to extreme limits and it will be difficult for you to cure your dog then. This is why, pay attention to changes in the behavior of your dog. And go to vet as soon as you see any unnatural activities. If the anxiety is still at a very basic stage, you can start by taking recourse to natural remedies, as they will have long term benefits too.

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