How to choose a healthy dog food

How to choose a healthy dog food

Every dog is different, just like humans. This is why every dog has different nutritional requirements. In order to keep your dog healthy, you must choose healthy dog food. This means when you decide the type of dog food, you must consider the size and age of your dog with many other things. Below we have listed some points that can aid you in choosing good quality dog food.

  1. The dog food should be nutritious

First of all, the dog food you choose must have a lot of nutrients, including proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. This will make your dog happy and healthy. Protein is the most vital ingredient in dog food. It should definitely be present in the dog food you choose.

The dog food can also have real meat products, such as liver meat and heart meat, or you can include several proteins in your dog’s diet. Carbohydrates are also crucial for your dog’s diet. They are found in products like barley, corn, wheat, oats, green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, etc.


  1. Check out the food label

When you buy commercial dog food, make sure you read the food label on the packaging. The label will inform you if the dog food brand you’re choosing is healthy or not. You must look at the ingredients to find familiar ones, such as some type of grains and meat.

If the dog food has several byproducts, then it might not be that much healthy for your dog. Make sure you avoid dog foods that use a lot of preservatives as well as those that don’t have the type of meat in their list of ingredients.


  1. Search for the AAFCO stamp

Dog foods that are stamped by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) have an honest label than others. This organization controls the guidelines for labeling dog foods. An AAFCO label shows that you’re buying a good quality dog food with no hidden ingredients. However, the label is not a guarantee or is not foolproof that the dog food is healthy. You must read the list of ingredients given on the packaging, consult your vet, and look at the online reviews before purchasing particular dog food.


  1. Know your dog’s age

You must choose a dog food type as per the age of your dog. For instance, if you have a puppy, you must buy a puppy chow and if you have an older dog, then you must buy dog food that is specially made for senior dogs. This is because dogs of these ages have particular dietary requirements that can’t be fulfilled with standard dog foods.

If you have a puppy, you should feed it a mixture of dry and wet food. Plus, the food should have 25% to 30% protein. And, if you own an older dog, you should consult your vet before starting a senior diet. Big breed dogs require senior diet a bit early than other dogs.


So, these are some of the tips for selecting healthy commercial food for your dog. You should keep these considerations in mind before buying dog food. Feeding your dog with a good, balanced, and complete dog food will keep your dog strong and healthy.

How to Bathe Your Dog

How to Bathe Your Dog

How often you should wash your canine friend depends on various factors like your dog’s size, breed, coat type, and activities. A dog that is frequently outdoors may require more regular baths. Meanwhile, indoor dogs require a bath only after a few months. Needless to say, baths could be frightening for dogs. With a little preparation and knowledge, you could make bathing a great experience for your canine friend. So, let’s begin with an exciting bathing process!

Prepare your dog

If you own a small dog, a kitchen or laundry sink could work for bathing your pet. For bigger dogs, go with bathtubs or showers. Before you give a dog bath, brush his fur thoroughly. This is important if you have a dog with a shaggy, thick, and double coat. It is also recommended to trim the nails of your dog before you bathe him.

Before you begin the dog-bathing process, keep all the things you need handy. Here, you will require cotton balls, sponge or washcloth, treats, dog shampoo, and towels. Use a vessel or bucket if you do not a detachable showerhead or hose. Put the cotton balls in the ears of your dog. Lastly, remove the collar from your dog’s neck.

Bath your dog

Now, it is time to get the water temperature right. It should not be too cold and too hot. The water needs to be warm. Pour water on the body of your dog. Once your dog is wet, it is time to apply the dog shampoo. If the coat is not thick much, pour some dog shampoo over his body. To lather up, use your hands. Avoid shampooing on your dog’s face and head.

To clean the face of your dog, employ a moist washcloth to wipe off the dirt. Do not clean his ears from inside with the washcloth. Now, rinse the dog thoroughly. If you do not rinse the water off clearly, it could cause pH imbalance and skin irritation.

With the help of a towel, completely dry your dog. For this, lay it over the dog’s back and begin to pat dry him. In case, you have a dog with a shaggy or long fur, comb him to avoid tangling in the future. Lastly, you have to offer a treat to your dog for his good behavior. In this way, your dog will get the point that bathing is not bad but quite good that involves praise and treats.

Once carried out the bathing procedure positively, you should clean your dog’s ears. For this, use a cotton ball. No matter how your dog responds to bathing, avoid washing your dog frequently. When it comes to shampoos, go for a mild shampoo with neutral pH value.

So, it is not a difficult task to bathe one’s dog. All you need to do is to accustom them by offering a treat. Now, think about bathing your dog with a positive attitude and some treats at hand. So, keep your dog clean by bathing them!

How to groom your cat

How to groom your cat

Cats are skittish creatures. They don’t like excessive petting and are considered low-maintenance creatures. For the most part, they will look after themselves. But, every cat requires some form of grooming. To ensure good health, it is important for you to look out for signs and symptoms that highlight the level of your cat’s health.

We list down a few ways by which you can groom your cat and check for signs of ill health.

Checking the ears, eyes, and nose

Every now and then as your cat hops onto your lap, give its ears, eyes, and nose a quick check.  There shouldn’t be any dirt, excessive wax, or debris built up. An unpleasant odor arising from a cat’s ears is a clear sign that something has gone wrong and a visit to the vet is in order.

Check to make sure there is no redness or swelling in or around your cat’s eyes. They should be clear and bright. Any sign of infection may require medical intervention.

Your cat’s nose must be smooth and moist. Any discharge coming from your cat’s nose may be a sign of infection. Look out for any bumps, ulcers or wounds that are taking too long to heal.

Grooming your cat on a regular basis will keep your cat healthy and free from the aforementioned troubles.

Getting rid of knots

Knots can build up if you haven’t groomed your cat in a while. They can be extremely uncomfortable to get rid of. For short-haired cats, use a comb with fine teeth to remove the knots, and a rubber brush to remove loose hair. Use gentle strokes in the direction of hair growth. For long-haired cats, a steel comb will do the job. Cat grooming can be a struggle for both the cat and the owner. Tease your cat with a treat whenever it wants to get away. Or if the going is getting extremely tough, perhaps it’s time to take a break.

Trimming cat claws

Cats, especially outdoor cats, are fond of scratching their claws against rough surfaces. They usually maintain the general wear and tear of their claws by doing this. But indoor cats may develop some problems. Check your cat’s claws every few weeks. Get your cat used to claw trimming from an early age so it doesn’t turn out to be too much of a hassle.

Make use of cat-claw trimmers available in the market. Never clip off more than the transparent tip of the claw, and do so while gently putting your finger and thumb in between the paw. If you have a kitten, do not trim. Simply file the claws as and when required.

Keeping your cat in good health requires little but necessary work. For the most part, your cat will take care of itself by licking and cleaning itself. The areas that cannot be covered by the cat alone require your attention. The coat of a cat, its eyes, nose, ears, and claws will signal you if they are in need of unclogging, trimming, or medical attention. Cat grooming will not only keep your cat from developing problems, but it will also deepen the bond between the two of you.

Importance of dog toys

Importance of dog toys

If you want to know the importance of toys in your dog’s life, you just need to remember that the intelligence of adult dogs can be as close to a two-year-old human baby. Toys are required by them so that they can focus their attention on to it, and improve mental and physical skills as well. Treats and toys are a perfect solution for dogs that quickly get bored and always looking for something to dig or chew on.

Constant digging and chewing are some common signs of a bored dog. Just like humans, dogs need something to do (exercise, physical activity, sports, etc.); if nothing else, they will just do something that we consider as destructive behaviors.

Great reasons why you should always get toys for your pooch

Promoting healthy gums and teeth

Apart from keeping your pooch busy, chew dog toys also offer a range of health benefits. One of them is keeping your pet’s teeth and gums in top conditions. Additionally, you can also purchase specialized chew toys that will help your pooch to clean its teeth. Dental knot ropes are the most perfect example in this category. Apart from healthy teeth and gums, your dog will also have less plaque buildup and fresher breath.

Providing physical exercise

As most of us already know, a prime physical condition can only be maintained if your dog exercises daily. Of course, you might be taking your pooch out for morning or evening walks in the backyard, but your pet will probably need a lot more than just a walk, especially in the case of a busy pet owner. This is where dog toys can help get rid of the problem. By playing with its toy, your dog will be able to maintain all parts of its body.

Alleviating boredom

There is nothing harder than dealing with an anxious, fidgety, and bored pet. Of course, if you were to be penned all day long without any stimulation, you would end up in the same way. Dogs need to engage in activities that are exciting and fun. If you are a busy pet owner, it might not be possible to play with your pooch all the time. In these cases, dog toys will keep them occupied; additionally, your pooch will work out all that nervousness, making them easier to handle and a lot happier.

Providing companionship

Dog ancestors were pack animals; this instinct can be seen in dogs today as well. Hence, they tend to get lonely when there is no one around. Similar to a child that imagines its doll as a companion, a toy can become your pooch’s beloved. They will start caring for their toys and will take them everywhere as if it were its puppy. In cases like these, you can purchase either plush toys or durable ones.

With the help of the right dog toy, your pooch will remain healthy and happy. It will be able to cope up with the times when you are not present. Your pooch will also get its daily dose of mental and physical activity it needs. Make sure that you purchase toys that are made of safe and robust materials.