Cat Tower in 2023 – Top Products Rated

Do you feel that buying a cat tower is an unnecessary expense that you might as well have done without? To think about it in the long run, the case is totally the opposite. Not only is cat tower a piece of necessary equipment but is also a smart investment. If you want to know why then this article might be able to answer your questions.

Best Cat Towers

#1 ACuteADay - Heybly Cat Tree with Toy, Cat Tower condo for Indoor Cats, Cat House with Padded Plush Perch, Cozy H
  • Ideal design of structure: Structure of the cat tree is designed according the climbing habits of cats. Two jumping platforms not only increase the active space but also help kitties and older cats to climb up and down
  • Stability is the Primary Consideration for A Cat Tower: Sturdy cat climbing frame base, sisal wrapped scratch posts and Anti-toppling devices ensures the security of active kittens and cats playing on the activity centre
  • Spacious and Removable Top Perch: The well-padded top platform is suitable for kittens. They can lie on the soft place as a bed to sleep, observe and nap
  • Lazy Cats Favorite Basket: Cats naturally like the feeling of being wrapped , which makes them feel safe, therefore a comfortable and strong basket are always necessary
  • A Cat teasing stick and Plush Ball for Kittens to Play: The extra cat teaser stick increases the interactive fun of cat and its owner. The toy ball with bell do not make too much noise. It can meet the cats' play needs while not disturbing the owner
#2 ACuteADay - BestPet 54in Cat Tree Tower for Indoor Cats,Multi-Level Cat Furniture Activity Center with Cat Scrat
  • 😽【Multifunctional Activity Center】The cat Tree provides 3 top perches platforms and two cozy condo. Whether your kitten wants to stretch out on a spacious perch, curl up in a plush hole room, or release the urge to scratch on a sisal pole, this multifunctional cat tree tower works perfectly as a recreation paradise,which can make your fur baby's day full of fun and excitement!two toys gives them a unique way and Fun to play!
  • 😽【Sturdy & Safe Materials】Our Cat Tower is made of high-quality particle board with skin friendly plushy faux-fur cover to keep your cat warm and comfortable. The cat activity tree has a wall anchor strap which provides a good double security protection. You don't have to worry that the cat tree will overturn or shake accidentally.Give your cat the best protection!ideal for average kittens and cats.
  • 😽【Vertical Large Space 】 Cat tree design made him take up floor space is small, save floor space, but also provides a lot of vertical space, suitable for many of the cat family big vertical space, in a quiet and comfortable afternoon, elaborate the cat jumping platform allow every cat have their own a piece of territory, this also is indoor cat harmony secret by modern cat tree.
  • 😽【Private Tree Hole and Set His Mind at to Sleep】 Cat like a sense of security, this cat tree provides two different luxury apartments, cat tree for large cat,spacious and comfortable, soft fabric cover, one of them has two doors, convenient pass in and out, another has a door, the cat may take a more hidden safety, the design of the cat tower fully to take care of the different character of cat.
  • 😸【Easy to Assemble & Worry-Free After-Sales】 Our Cat Tree has equipped with detailed graphic instructions for hassle-free installation,you can be installed it easily in few minutes! Don't worry about assembly of our cat condo! If you have any questions for our cat tower, please feel free to contact us,we will come back to you within 24 hours!
#3 ACuteADay - Xin Three Layer Cat Tree with Cat Condo and Two Hammocks,Grey
  • The two hammocks and cat condo can let cats sleep and relax.Notice:Please try to place against the wall.
  • High quality faux fur, natural sisal posts durable for long time scratch by cats.
  • Two hanging balls provides lots of fun to cats,and it also can be replaced.
  • The top soft platform can cat lets watch the view outside the window.
  • The rope and scratch ladder can let cats play and grind their claws.
#4 ACuteADay - YOUPET 33.46" Height Cat Tree with Cat Condo Big Hammock and Two Replacement Spring Balls,Grey …
  • Overall size:22.24"x13“x33.46"H Pay attention: Please try to place it against the wall
  • High quality faux fur, natural sisal posts durable for long time scratch by cats
  • The hanging ball provides lots of fun for cats,and it also can be replaced.
  • The big condo provide a comfortable and spacious home for cat to sleep and relax inside.
  • The bigger hammock can let two cats sleep and relax together.
#5 ACuteADay - Yaheetech Cat Tree Cat Tower, 63 Inches Multi-Level Cat Tree for Indoor Cats, Tall Cat Tree with Sis
  • 🌱[ALL IN ONE CAT TREE] - Most cats love a good cat tree! This large cat tower has multiple levels for cats to play and sleep, a top perch with a danging ball, a condo, a hammock, a hanging rope, a scratching board, seven scratching posts, and some extended platform space. Ample room and reasonable layout ensure your cat a comfortable and interesting experience.
  • 🌱[STABILITY IS ALWAYS PRIORITY] - To enhance the stability of this cat tree, there is an anti-toppling strip attached to the middle board. Through that, you can secure the cat tree to the wall. Constructed by P2 grade particleboard and strengthened with battens at the bottom to ensure overall stability.
  • 🌱[PROTECTION OF FURNITURE] - All cats, even declawed cats, need to scratch! Seven sisal scratching posts perfectly distribute on the cat tree, and even a scratching ramp! They help prevent your cats from scratching your sofa, chair, or bed. Natural sisal ropes are durable and natural so your cat will have a good way to have fun and exercise its claws.
  • 🌱[THOUGHTFUL DESIGN] - The hammock has four lengths of strings and four hooks in the corners, which is convenient for fitting on and removing. Also, the dangling ball is detachable. Besides, all corners of the extended platform are round in shape, to avoid knocking and hurting.
  • 🌱[EASY-PEASY ASSEMBLY] - Don't worry about the assembly of our cat condo! It comes with a step-by-step instruction manual and tools to help. If you have any questions about our cat tower, please feel free to contact us!
#6 ACuteADay - PETEPELA Cat Tree for Small Indoor Cats, Plush Cat Tower with Large Cat Condo, Deep Hammock and Sisa
  • Sisal Scratching Platform: Apart from the sisal scratcher, a scratching board is added to the small cat tree, help cats to maintain their nail health. The cat tower attracts kittens to stay, and your furniture is protected.
  • Snug Perches & Cat Condo:The top cat perch is covered with soft plush, raised rims provide kittens an immersive sleep and safety guarantee. This cat house will be a perfect hide-out for indoor cats to perch inside, for resting, licking hair.
  • Exercise & Activity Complex: A small cat tree but have a 4 levels layout to explore, start from scratching the sisal covered post and probing the cat condo, next they can jump up to the hammock for a rest or on the condo to play with the dangling ball, indoor cats can also get exercised simply on this cat tower tree.
  • Easy Care & Simple Assembly: It comes with simple instructions and all the tools you need to quickly build the cat tower. The top perch is removable for cleaning and all plush cover can be washed and brushed without being damaged.
  • Worry-Free Before & After Service: PETEPELA provides you with professional customer service before and after your purchase. If the cat tree has any quality or assembly problem, you can contact after-sale service immediately, assistance will be provided till the problem is solved.
#7 ACuteADay - 54in Cat Tree Tower for Indoor Cats Multi-Level Cat Condo Cat Bed Furniture with Scratching Post Kit
  • Quiet and Comfort Condo: The cat tree comes with two cozy condo covered with skin friendly plush faux fur offering super soft and warm lounging spots, it’s ideal place for your cats to curl up and take a nap.
  • Positive Scratching Habit: Multiple scratching posts are lined with natural sisal ropes help redirect furry friends to scratch and sharpen their claws without damaging your furniture, also an important way for cats to exercise and stretch their muscles.
  • More Fun for Playtime: With 3 Top of platforms, your fur babies could explore and relax at different levels, this helps meet their natural instinct to climb and explore the environment, and enjoy the feeling of being at the top of the world; Two hanging balls and ladders can make playtime even more fun and engaging for your cat.
  • Tall and Sturdy construction: At 54 inches high, this Multi-layer cat tree provides plenty of vertical space for your feline friends to climb, play, and perch, meets the climbing nature of kittens. Strengthened base comes with anti-toppling fittings ensuring the cat tower won't wobble or tip over, even when fur baby is jumping around on it.
  • Easy To Assembly: Equipped with detailed instructions for quick and easy installation; all the hardware and tools are included. Beautiful appearance will add luster to any room in your home. Big room:17.71"L x 10.62"W x 12"H, small room: 10.62"L x 10.62"W x 8.26"H, Max Load Capacity up to 44Lb.
#8 ACuteADay - TSCOMON 55" Cat Tree for Indoor Cats with Green Leaves, Multi-Level Large Cat Tower for Indoor Cats
  • 🐈 🐈 🐈[Huge Versatile Fun Center]: Your cats can overlook the world on a 55" high platform. Cats can easily and safely climb up or down this cat tree. Cat tower is safe and stable, avoid tipping and wobbling, provides reliability and stability. TSCOMON versatile cat tree meets all the life needs of your cats. Spoil your cats with TSCOMON's huge cat tree!
  • 🐈 🐈 🐈[Unique Leaf Shape Design]: The unique leaf design is not only a simple cat tree, but also a plant ornament, which can be well integrated into home. The cat tree is covered with high-quality 600g skin friendly plush. There is enough space for big and small cats to play.
  • 🐈 🐈 🐈[Protect your's furniture]: The cat tree has a scratching ramp at the middle which can be used as a cat scratching toy. There are enough Cat Scratching Post for your cats to trim their claws, and there are also hammock for cats to rest, and hang ball for cats to play.
  • 🐈 🐈 🐈[Easy Assembly]: The easy-to-use cat tree is equipped with all hardware, tools and detailed graphic descriptions, which can be easily installed. Versatile style decor your space easily while satisfying the cat to play. Suitable design make your cat more like a member of the family.
  • 🐈 🐈 🐈[Quality Service]:TSCOMON is committed to providing customers with quality products and attentive service. Customer's satisfaction is our greatest pursuit. If you encounter any problem, please feel free to contact me.
#9 ACuteADay - Feandrea Cat Tree, 61-Inch Cat Tower for Indoor Cats, Plush Multi-Level Cat Condo with 5 Scratching
  • [2 Perches, 2 Caves] This cat tree boasts two luxurious top perches and two spacious cat caves, providing multiple comfy spots for cats to unwind and observe from—perfect for multi-cat households
  • [Multi-Level Cat Playground] Designed with multiple levels, this cat tower makes it easy for cats to climb and explore the vertical space, satisfying their natural instincts and activity needs
  • [Easy to Assemble] Thanks to the universal screws and simple structure, it takes only the included Allen hex key and one person to set up this cat condo
  • [2 Pompoms, Double the Fun] 2 hanging pompoms with bells encourage your little hunters to stretch, bat, and swat for endless entertainment. Additionally, 2 spare pompoms without bells are included as a silent option
  • [Sturdy and Secure] Supported by a strong structure and secured with an anti-tip kit, this cat tree is strong and safe for up to 5 cats (max. 11 lb each) to climb and play with peace of mind
  • [Easy to Clean] Fur, dirt, and worries. Just a lint roller or vacuum cleaner can easily wipe them away
#10 ACuteADay - Topeakmart 57 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree Cat Condo with Scratching Posts Kittens Activity Tower Pet
  • 【Multiple levels】: This plush cat stand has multiple levels for cats to play, rest and sleep. Including two condos and three perches, this cat tree can satisfy several small cats’ needs. Considering its maximum weight capacity, it is not suitable for large-sized breeds.
  • 【Ample space】: This multiple-level cat tree is designed for more than one kitten to play at the same time. A spacious cat tree expands the usable area vertically and offers more space for pets to climb and explore, and more importantly, spares your kittens from fighting for a place to lay and play.
  • 【Plush cat tower】: This cat tree tower is crafted out of safe and durable materials. Safe particle boards are covered with upgraded soft and skin-friendly plush, and posts are coiled with natural sisal.
  • 【Anti-toppling】: This multi-layer tower meets the climbing nature of kittens. Three top perches are for enjoying the feeling of being at the top of the world. For safety and stability, a strip is provided to secure the cat tree to the wall as the prevention tipping over.
  • 【Worry-free assembly】: Don't worry about the assembly! Our cat condo comes with step-by-step instructions and tools to help. Please make sure the size of the product fits your pet before purchasing. This cat tree only suits small/medium cats.
#11 ACuteADay - Newest Cat Tree with Cat Condo and Big Hammock,Grey
  • Overall size:22.44"x13.78“x39.37"H.The big base board can increase cat tree's stability. Notice: Please try to place it against the wall.
  • High quality faux fur, natural sisal posts durable for long time scratch
  • The hanging ball can provide cats lot of fun,it also can be replaced.
  • The big condo can provide cats sleeping place as well as observe place.The round shape soft platform can let cats observe like a queen and look view outside of the window.
  • The hanging bed can let cats relax and sleep.And it can be removed and washed.
#12 ACuteADay - Hoopet cat Tree Tower,cat Scratching Post for Indoor Cats,Featuring with Super Cozy Perch,Cat Self G
  • 【Overall size】:The size of this cat tower is 20"Hx15.8" Wx15.8"L .Located at the top, the platform(15.8" Lx11.4"W ) ensure your cat a cozy napping places. There is a arched bed in the middle, which will give your cat a feeling of sleeping in the cradle .
  • 【Entertainment park】: Cat tree will provide your cat with a place to rest, entertain, exercise, explore and scratch.The hanging plush ball provides hours of exercise & self-amusement for cats' health care and elimination of boredom and pet depression.Besides,the cat tree comes with one soft & larger brush, good for full-grown cats.Allow your cat to comfortably groom fur while rubbing the brush and make your home hair-free.
  • 【Sturdy and Stable】:Cat Tree House Stability is always the priority. The bottom base is reinforced to ensure the stability of the whole cat tree, anti-toppling fittings are included for double security.
  • 【Sisal Scratching Post】:This scratching post comes with a fully wrapped scratching post and the scratching board allow your felines to scratch and sharpen their claws from any angles as they like.It makes your cats get an effective and satisfying scratch, and protects your furniture from damaging by sharp claws.
  • 【Easy to Assemble and Nice Looking】: No extra tool is needed, all the tools are included in the package. Our kittens won't have to wait too long to start having endless fun with this small cat tree! Its attractive look can be compatible with any room décor as a piece of nice pet furniture.This attractive cat tree and tower in creamy gray will blend nicely with your room decor as a piece of modern cat furniture. A perfect gift for both your kitten and your sweet home!
  • 【Premium Material】 :High quality faux fur, natural jute posts durable for long time scratch. If you are not satisfied with our products, please feel free to contact us!, we are willing to provide a full refund.
#13 ACuteADay - Yaheetech 79in Multi-Level Cat Trees Indoor Cat Tower with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts, Plush Per
  • 【Multilevel Cat Tree 】This 79’’ cat tree allows small- to medium-sized cats to play at the same time. Its multilevel design expands the usable activity space vertically and offers more room for pets to climb and explore in the house.
  • 【Stable & Sturdy】Our cat tree with basket features a 58.5 x 58.5 cm/ 23 x 23’’ big baseboard to avoid wobbling or tipping over. The included anti-tip kit can attach the cat tree to the wall for extra stability. Extra-strong sisal is strong and sturdy enough for your pets to play with.
  • 【Cat's Activity Center】 9 scratching posts encourage positive scratching behavior and meet different scratching preferences. The corrugated sisal ramp and the dangling sisal rope above the ramp give cats another fun place to stretch and scratch.
  • 【Pet-friendly Materials】 Crafted of pet-safe manufactured wood and soft plush fabric covering, the tall cat tree tower will provide your beloved pets with a safe living and playing space.
  • 【Suitable For Small- to Medium-sized Cats】This cat tree is designed for 3-4 small- to medium-sized cats (e.g., Siamese, Exotic Shorthair, Devon Rex, and Abyssinian) weighing 10 lb and under.
#14 ACuteADay - KSIIA Cat Tree for Indoor Cats 43 Inch Tall Cat Climbing Tower with Sisal-Covered Scratching Post &
  • Because pets, are family - KSIIA cat tree is the ultimate all-in-one spot for your cats, creating a comfortable cat activity area for your friends to do what they want, from lounging to leaping to honing their expert skills.
  • Excellent sturdiness and stability - Cat tower features a reinforced sisal scratching post & board for cats to scratch and climb on, preventing your furniture from being scratched by cats' claws. Premium material and sturdy construction allow cats to safely jump from the perch, climb to the top of the observation tower and sit on the perches to look out the window.
  • Comfortable cat cando - Private cat apartment is made of soft & skin-friendly plush fabric that gives your friends a sense of softness, warmth and security and provides a quiet spot to curl up for cats' snoozing, plus it's great for face rubbing and nuzzling.
  • Thoughtful design - Carefully placed dangling pompoms give cats the thrill of the action as they bat them back and forth, helping them release the excess pressure and providing them endless fun. Plus, the toys are also designed to encourage cats to jump and exercise their muscles.
  • Easy to assemble and clean - Included all the embedded structures hardware and tools, along with detailed instructions manual, it only takes a few steps to set up this cat tree for indoor cats. Also, it’s super easy to clean and maintain, just use a lint roller to keep your cat’s place clean.
#15 ACuteADay - Feandrea Cat Tree, 81.1-Inch Large Cat Tower with 13 Scratching Posts, 2 Perches, 2 Caves, Basket, H
  • [81.1" Tall, Endless Climbing Fun] 81.1" tall. 5 levels. Short 12"-16" distance between levels. This plush cat tree is perfect for cats who love climbing and high places, but it’s also easy to climb up and down
  • [All-in-One Playground] With 2 padded cat perches, 2 cozy caves, 1 fluffy basket, 2 pompoms, and 1 hammock, cats of different characters can all find their fave spot on this multi-level cat villa covered with plush all over—perfect for multi-cat households
  • [Robust Material, Safe Cat Condo] Sturdy particleboard for durability, a large, reinforced base for extra stability, and an anti-tip kit for security—it’s stable and safe for up to 6 cats (max. 15.4 lb each) to play
  • [13 Scratching Posts & 1 Scratching Ramp] Cats love to scratch. With scratching areas on each level, they can scratch to their hearts' content and let your sofa go! Plus, the scratch ramp doubles as a ladder to help kittens and elderly cats climb up easily
  • [Easy to Assemble] With a simple structure, step-by-step instructions, and labeled parts, assembling this tall cat tree is as easy as building blocks
  • [Easy to Clean] Fur, dirt, and worries. Just a lint roller or vacuum cleaner can easily wipe them away
  • [Spare Pompom] Whether your cat had a little too much fun with a pompom and damaged it or you’re not a fan of bells, this cat tower for indoor cats comes with a spare pompom without a bell so you can replace it as needed
#16 ACuteADay - MeowSir Cactus Cat Tree 34 Inches Cute Cat Tower with Padded Top Perch, Comfy Hammock, Private Condo
  • Styles Meets Function: This versatile cactus cat tree with natural green sisal and carpet look like vivid cactus which light up your living room. It has large top perch, private condo, fully sisal covered scratching post and fluffy pom pom ball which is ideal for kittens, samll cats and average cats to rest and entertainment.
  • Ideal Recreation Spots: This cute cactus cat tree has a larger top perch15.7" length by11.8 " widths with thick raised rim provide strong support when cat lied their furry head on on it. The middle condo provide a private space to take a sleep to get away from their busy activities. And the round hammock offer a higher place for curling up to snooze and watch bird in yard.
  • Wonderful Playground to Save Furniture: 2 Fully natural sisal covered scratching post not only provide a outlets for cats to sharpen their claws and release their energy but also a place of full stretch out.keep them away from your expensive curtain and furniture. The dangling ball with the bell arouse their curiosity and add numerous fun.
  • Reliable Quality for Safety: Constructed by P2 high quality natural particle boards, the reinforced base , skin-friendly plush and Natural sisal scratching posts, this well balanced cat activity tree is designed to offer a safe and comforatable castle and entertaining center for your beloved cats to jump up and down dream on itwhen you’re away for working.
  • Why Our Cactus Cat Tree? Comes with illustrated instruction and necessary tool pack, this 4 tiers attractive cat tree and tower is easy to assemble. The green color make it blend nicely with your room decor as a piece of vivid plant. A perfect gift for both your cat and your sweet home!
#17 ACuteADay - PEQULTI 63'' Multi-Level Cat Tree Cat Tower for Indoor Cats with Sisal-Covered Scratching Post, Cozy
  • Sufficient Scratching Support: 5 scratching posts made in 100% natural sisal in different layers can satisfy your cat's scratching urge. Moreover, this cat tree possesses a extra-large scratching pad on the baseboard which helps your feline build an excellent scratching habit and keep away from your furniture.
  • For Multi-Cat Family: Are you worried about your cats' fighting for the relaxing area? This multi-level cat tower is equipped with 2 top perches, a cat condo and platform to hold sevral cats. It will be a perfect choice for pet parents especially multi-cat households.
  • Stable & Safe: A large base board and strong posts form a sturdy structure to hold the whole cat tree. Additionally, an anti-toppling strap ensures double safety to prevent injury from falling over when your cat is jumping up and down.
  • Enjoyable Cat Playhouse: Whether your cat wants to sleep in the cat condo, scratch on the posts or overlook on the top perch, this cat activity tree will be perfect indoor playhouse. And 3 interactive cat play pompom will catch your kitten's attention for extra entertainment.
  • Buy with Confidence: This cat tree is easy to assemble with direct instruction. We have 1 year warranty fot free and will be helpful for any quality problem and part replacing. Please feel free to contact with us if you have any question about our cat tree.
#18 ACuteADay - PETEPELA Cat Tower 5-Tier Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree Height(95-107 Inches) Adjustable, Tall Cat Climb
  • Climbing Tree with Adjustable Height: The whole cat tree consists of 5 levels push-covered platforms, distance from every 2 platforms is 17.3 inches, the tension rod on the top can be adjusted to a preferred height from high to low(95-109 Inches) accommodate room ceiling. Once the tension rod is compressed enough, your cats can challenge themselves climbing to the top and enjoy the view from above.
  • Thicken Posts for Better Sturdiness: Posts on this cat tower are thicker than those in the market, the diameter of posts is increased to 9cm/3.5 inches, adding significant sturdiness to the structure and longer life cycle. All posts are covered with soft plush and natural sisal, do beneficial for cats to form a good habit of scratching. Please do be minded this tall cat post is recommended for kitten and small to medium cats, cats over 20lbs might be heavy for the very top scratching post.
  • Designed for Cats’ Natural Instinct: Cats are fond of climbing to high places out of natural, the height of this cat tree is all the way expanding to ceiling, cats will feel joyful to get to the highest spot in house; Cats are born to be hunters, sisal covered scratching posts and dangling ball will allow them to sharpen their claws and practice hunting skills. Kittens can rest, perch and napping on the plush platforms if tired, top cozy round bed will provide cats a deep quality sleep.
  • Space-Saving & Convenient to Move: This cat tree takes up mostly vertical space, occupies only a 44*25 cm/17.3*9.8 inches base on the floor, so you can settle it to any spot you’d like to. Overall weight of the cat tree is 8.7 kg/19.18 lbs, a relatively light weight that one will be able to carry easily. You can settle the cat tree to somewhere away from your furniture, so that there will be less scratches added to your expensive furniture.
  • Easy Assemble & Issue-Free: It takes about 10 minutes or less to have the cat tree scratch post installed. For any questions on the cat tree towers, you can contact us directly, the seller is always here and ready for helping. A professional service team will be on your call to solve all your worries.
#19 ACuteADay - TINWEI Cat Tree with Cat Condo Scratch Post Hammock Hanging Ball
  • The sisal scratch pad can lets play and grind their claws.
  • The different types hanging balls provide lots of fun for cats.
  • The top soft platform can let cats relax and slepp.
  • The cat tree is easy to assemble,it is also easy to carry and move.
#20 ACuteADay - TINWEIUS 01A Cat Tree Scratching Toy Activity Centre Cat Tower Furniture Scratching Post
  • Overall size:25.98"x16.14“x35.43" Attention:Please try to place it against the wall
  • Top tower allows her to observe around like a queen.
  • High quality faux fur, natural jute posts durable for long time scratch.
  • Four levels to jump up and down.
  • Cat houses provide cats observe as well as relax place.

Cat tower

What is a cat tower?

Before we proceed with what cat towers can do for your cat, you need to know what exactly they are. A cat tower is a structure that can be set up in an artificial way inside your house. It is meant for cats so that they can play around it, climb on it, relax, or even sleep on. They are vertically set up and can differ in their height or their whole makeup. Typically cats do not care so much about comfort as they do about the height of a cat tower so that they get a panoramic view of the surroundings.

The basic makeup of a cat tower is a vertical post that has a flat base on top. But with research and development in the pet industry, the brands have now come up with new designs. You can get cat towers will so much variety like with ladders, hokes, many platforms, posts to scratch, etc. All these features add to the complexity of the cat tower and if your cat is one which has an adventure bone in its body, then it is surely going to love a more complicated cat tower.


Why do you need a cat tower for your kitty?

Since cats are necessarily animals of the wild, they need more space to move around. You must have made a pet out of a cat but its instincts of climbing and moving in wider spaces will remain. A cat tower will give leverage to your cat to make use of the space in a fun way.

Cats certainly love climbing and hopping onto perched areas. Instead of your cat toppling over jars and things on the shelves, it is better you provide a separate space for them to have fun. A cat tower will strike a fine balance between the comfort of a home and the adventure of the wilderness.

Additionally, if you have more than one cat in your home, then having a cat tower helps a lot. Not only will your cats live in peace but they will also not have animosity among themselves. A cat tower will ensure that your cats have their own territory. The levels on a cat tower will also leave enough space for each cat so that they do not end up fighting for their areas.

Many of our cats are quiet and do not go out very often. Staying indoors for long can make them lazy or even sad. If you are setting up a cat tower for your cat then your cat will get an opportunity to stay within its comfort zone and still be active. Every time a guest comes over, you will not see your cat rush off to hide in all kinds of odd places. Your cat will know that it has a designated territory on the cat tower. And this will lead to your feline being more confident.


How to choose the best cat tower?

There are a host of options in types of cat towers. You will get towers that are of different sizes, functions, arrangements, etc. So, selecting one for your cat isn’t particularly easy. This is why we thought of offering a few tips to you which will make choosing the best cat tower easier. Here are some tricks:


What does your cat want?

Every cat will have a preference for what it wants to do in its free time. If your cat is a bit jumpy and constantly wants to hop on and hop off, then a cat tower will multiple platforms, holes, etc, might be the right one. Or if your cat is more of an easy go pet then it will be happy with a simpler cat tower. Your cat’s personality and how active it is will help you determine what cat tower suits the best.


The strength

Going for a cheaper cat tower is not always a good idea, especially if you have multiple cats in your house. The tower should be strong enough to be steady when your cat is jumping on it or perching on the topmost platform. More than choosing the appearance go for a cat tower that will be sturdy too.


What is there to scratch?

Cats scratch a lot and they will do the same with any cat tower. But, the surface that every cat prefers to scratch is different. For instance, some might like wooden surfaces, while others might like softer surfaces like carpets. Find out what your cat likes more and then choose a cat tower that has that surface. If you are not sure about your cat’s choice, then select one that comes with various options in surfaces.


The assembling

There are cat towers which can be assembled or you could also buy readymade ones. However, the ones that come assembled do not have more options in style, variations, etc. It is always better to buy towers that come with parts. Do not be inhibited by the thought of having to assemble the whole thing. It is not at all difficult and if you have a hammer at home then you are good to go.


Every cat tower set will come with a manual that will instruct you how to put it together in a step by step process. Plus, a set with parts is better than a readymade one any day because the former is far cheaper. From towers that look like real trees to finely cut and shaped modern ones, you will get towers of all kinds at great prices. So what are you waiting for? Go grab a tower for your feline and see it having the best time of its life.





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