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Looking for a great quality dog food that is organic and your dog loves it too? California Natural Dog Food is a commendable option for you. This brand manufactures food that is specially meant for dogs. So, if your puppy or dog is sensitive to food, this brand would be a great choice that would keep your dog healthy and safe. Know more about the brand in this article.

 Best California Natural Dog Food

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California Natural Dog Food

The Credibility of California Natural Dog Food

Companies that manufacture dog food of any kind have to follow certain guidelines provided by food management authorities. Apart from maintaining a high quality of their products, California Natural Dog Food also follows all such guidelines. USDA and AIB have given certification to California Natural Dog Food.

What’s more, this brand is the only pet food brand which has received ratings from ISA Quality Management System complaint. Every product that California Natural Dog Food produces has to pass through several stages of checking before they can be packed and sent to stores.

Different types of California Natural Dog Food

All sorts of Dog food at California Natural Dog Food will come in dry form. Dog treat or any kind of food in wet form is not available at the brand. The ingredient list of the foods of this brand is quite limited and hence the varieties are also only dry. Any sort of by-product or fillers of an inferior quality is not used to make dog food of this brand.

The products are rich in protein content that makes your dog gain a healthy body.  Corn, preservatives, wheat, flavors, soy ingredients, artificial colors, etc. are not used in any products of California Natural Dog Food. So, whenever you are feeding your dog with food purchased from this brand, you can relax about the quality.

Let us see some recipes that California Natural Dog Food offers:

  • Herring and Sweet Potato Adult Dog Food
  • Chicken Meal & Rice Puppy Food
  • Weight Management Brown Rice & Chicken Meal
  • Lamb Meal & Rice Puppy Food
  • Weight Management Brown Rice & Lamb Meal
  • Lamb Meal & Rice Adult Dog Food Large Bites

California Natural Dog Food also offers grain-free dog foods. Let us see some recipes:

  • Grain-Free Chicken Meal Recipe
  • Grain-Free Salmon Meal & Peas Recipe
  • Grain-Free Venison & Green Lentils Recipe
  • Grain-Free Kangaroo & Red Lentils Recipe

Ingredients of California Natural Dog Food

California Natural Dog Food is a brand that makes food for dogs rich in protein which is the main ingredient. This is obtained from chicken, lamb, etc and carbohydrates that are digestible are obtained from white rice and brown rice.

Talking about the Grain-Free recipes, they are the best for your dog at any stage of their life. The main ingredients are five where lentils are the primary ingredients, along with high proteins from Salmon. Also, your dog will not consume any gluten or grain as these products are free of those. Any dog having issues of food allergy will be able to consume these meals that are extremely digestible too.

Salmon meals are great for fats that are animal based and will be healthy for your dog. All the recipes are mostly balanced with the ingredients. The protein content in these meals is even better since they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are present in fishes. These are great sources of protein but the meals do not contain just this particular form of protein. Peas, red, and green lentils are also included in the meals that will give your dog plant proteins.

The green lentils, peas, and red lentils also make up for the energy that comes from carbohydrates. They also contain dietary fiber. Plus, the meals also have supplementary fiber sources like pea fiber and flaxseed. The crude fiber content for these recipes is actually pretty high. Sunflower oil in this recipe will give your dog good fats that are plant based and contains omega-6 fatty acids. This maintains a healthy balance from the omega-3s that are present in the salmon.

Source of California Natural Dog Food ingredients

Safety and quality are the most primary concerns of California Natural Dog Food. Pets are family for people who have them. The brand understands this ethos and respects it. They commit themselves to procuring the best quality ingredients that go into the making of the dog food.

Only suppliers that are trusted, supply ingredients to this brand. Also, to increase their credibility and reassure their customers, the brand displays the ingredients and content of their products on their website. So, if you visit the website, you can clearly see the exact content of the product that you are purchasing. They also give you pictures of what a particular product will look like, so that you know what you are investing in. On clicking on the pictures, you can also find out the sources of the products.

Buying California Natural Dog Food

If you are placing an order for a particular product of this brand from the United States, then you can get it all over the country. When you visit the website, you will get to see stores that are near to your location.

This will help you detect a store easily. What is advisable is to check first if your product is available with a particular retailer. Often retails stock a few products and the one you choose might not be available. Once this is done, you can place an order and get it delivered to you.

Overall, the brand is a pretty good choice for your furry friend and you can be assured of the quality. After receiving certifications from reputed authorities, the company still works hard to keep up its reputation.

You will also find food for your dog, be it of any stage. Either a puppy or a full grown dog can have a wholesome diet by eating products bought from California Natural Dog Food. So, visit the website, check out the product of your liking and order today.


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