A cat tree is not just another extravagant piece of indoor decoration; it is actually quite a beneficial addition for your cat. Unlike humans who live in a horizontal world, the world of cats revolves around everything vertical. They depend on elevated areas for fun, exercise, comfort, and safety. If you have had experience in retrieving your cat from the top of your refrigerator, you will know how much your kitty enjoys being perched on the tallest structure of your room.

Some major benefits of owning a cat tree for your kittens or cats are:

Builds a great environment for multiple cats

While it is hard to believe but is very true; peace among multiple cats can only be done in a vertical way. The alpha cat will lay claim to the highest point of the cat tree to put on a show of dominance whereas the other felines will have to physically confront them to display higher rank. While this might be seen as violence between your pets, this behavior is actually quite healthy among cats. Additionally, cat trees will prevent physical fights between your felines.

Easier to share a cat tree

If you are an owner of more than two cats, you will be happy with the purchase. Since your cats will be able to share the same space while maintaining the hierarchical system, your pets will not have to share window ledges without getting into a fight. Cat trees will your cats perch on various platforms and they will be able to enjoy the scenery outside while keeping their statuses intact.

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Used as a scratching post

Most cat owners will relate to the fact that cats scratching on your decorative furniture and sofa sets can be quite irritating. Cat trees have often been used for more than just a perch for your felines; it can also be used as a scratching post. Most cat trees in the market today will either have sisal covering (a type of rope covering) or could be made of bare wood. At times, you can also wrap your old carpet around the structure. However, you need to make sure that the covering material is not treated with harmful chemicals.

Can increase the territory of your cat

The higher your cat’s perch, the most powerful and confident your pet feels. With the help of a cat tree, you will be able to provide a space to go when your cat feels threatened or does not want to interact with anyone. In cases of owners with both cats and dogs, they will have to teach their pooches that cat trees are off-limits. A cat tree will offer peace of mind to your pet.

A cat tree will give your feline friend a beautiful place to sleep and play. But there are a lot of different types of cat trees in the market, so you need to choose one that will fit the size of your house and your budget. For owners with a single cat, you will be better off with a cat tree with a single or double perch, while owners with several cats should go for cat trees with multiple perches.

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